DESTINY – Prayer

“I don’t always pray, but when I do… great things happen.” Now I’m not The Most Interesting Man (even if I think that I should be, considering that I’m the following: screenwriter, model, psychic, rapper, actor, author, and artist). But, that’s the kind of statement that is intriguing. I do believe that there is a […]

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A couple of days ago I was soundly sleeping in my dorm room. My roommate was also sleeping. I remember having a very interesting dream to say the least. But, the dream wasn’t what was frightening to me. I initially woke up and felt a presence to me left. I thought it must have been […]

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As the title reflects, this is the first time I’ve experienced sleep paralysis in quite some time. For the last week I’ve been on Spring Break and living at my family home. This is usually the place where I don’t get much shut eye. Miraculously, I did get a lot of sleep and no interruptions. […]

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Happy Easter!

I’m sorry for my month long hiatus! I just don’t care about this anymore. Fuck this. APRIL FOOLS!!! I love each and every one of you that supports my dreams and goals. I’ve just been very very busy. I just had my two year anniversary with my girlfriend and before that I was having my […]

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MUSIC – Musical Endeavors

  I know that it’s been awhile since I last posted. But, I’ve been keeping busy with things. For starters, remember how I had that feeling that something was going to happen on the musical front of my life? Well it did, I got this email: Now, I’m well aware that the email isn’t written […]

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