TIPS – Avoid Negativity

I’m sorry that I haven’t been as active on this blog for the past week. No ghostly appearances or awe inspiring message for the past week; now that school is back in full swing. But, two days ago I was with my friend Dre and we were with another friend of mine. This friend (who […]

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TIPS – Write it into Existence

What follows is a Word document’s text that I spent all night writing before the Spring concert last year at school. I didn’t open for the Spring act because there was a hidden stipulation that a current student can’t be an opening musical act for a performer. Maybe it was for the best. But, I […]

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TIPS – Snow Storm Motivation

I hope that everyone is safe. Whether you made it out to work today or you’re staying in for the day. I’m currently up in my apartment while a snow storm consumes New York City. Luckily, some of us are still in warm weather across the globe. Whatever your situation, this motivation could still be […]

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TIPS – Failure

These days, people are so afraid of failure that they never start something. I’ve begun to understand that there will never be the “perfect moment.” Nothing in the world is perfect and if you realize this, then whatever you are working on will come out into the world and be critiqued. This goes for all […]

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TIPS – Calling

For all of those who have already read my book, you know that I believe in the Law of Attraction, Destiny, etc. I believe that people have a purpose and I question the future. I feel as if I’m still being pulled in many different directions. I occasionally lose faith because it seems that everyone […]

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TIP – Escaping a Bad Dream

Considering that I had a nightmare last night, I figured I would help give you guys/gals a tip on how I get out of bad dreams. Now I can imagine people saying, “Well why didn’t you leave that nightmare if you can?” Simple, I let it play out because either I wasn’t aware that it […]

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