GHOSTS – Mustache

I haven’t been sleeping well. I mean I don’t expect to, considering the circumstances. My fall break has begun, so now I’m off from school until November 27th. So it’s lit! But, one would think that I would be catching up on sleep. Well, I’m visiting my girlfriend in New York for half of my […]

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TIP – Escaping a Bad Dream

Considering that I had a nightmare last night, I figured I would help give you guys/gals a tip on how I get out of bad dreams. Now I can imagine people saying, “Well why didn’t you leave that nightmare if you can?” Simple, I let it play out because either I wasn’t aware that it […]

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NIGHTMARE – Black Liquid

– The book hasn’t been released just yet. It’ll be here before Friday the 13th! In other news, I had my first nightmare since creating this blog and I figured that I will tell you all what happened in my dream and then we can analyze it to understand how we can fix the issue […]

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