TIPS – Write it into Existence

What follows is a Word document’s text that I spent all night writing before the Spring concert last year at school. I didn’t open for the Spring act because there was a hidden stipulation that a current student can’t be an opening musical act for a performer. Maybe it was for the best. But, I […]

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I’m a star… and so are you. That just depends on you. Many people are caught up in this thing that we call, “the real world.” Which ultimately means, you’re born, you get a job, you get married, and then you die. At some point along that journey you realize that you have a passion. […]

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MUSIC – Bar Fan

Hello all! My last final is this Saturday and then I’m finally a free man! Just kidding. I’m basically free, but I have an online class to take before I can be officially considered a college graduate. Still is very exciting. I will be posting more now that I have a ton of free time. […]

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