A couple of days ago I was soundly sleeping in my dorm room. My roommate was also sleeping. I remember having a very interesting dream to say the least. But, the dream wasn’t what was frightening to me. I initially woke up and felt a presence to me left. I thought it must have been […]

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NIGHTMARE – Ghost Sheet

I’ve done it again… by that I mean waking up in the middle of the night screaming. Not the most fun experience, that’s for sure! I believe that the ghost was in my presence. But, the majority of this post will be an analysis of what the nightmare and the events before/after mean in terms […]

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GHOSTS – Mustache

I haven’t been sleeping well. I mean I don’t expect to, considering the circumstances. My fall break has begun, so now I’m off from school until November 27th. So it’s lit! But, one would think that I would be catching up on sleep. Well, I’m visiting my girlfriend in New York for half of my […]

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GHOSTS – Unknown Figure

So last night was interesting and I don’t exactly know how to explain what I saw. I was up later than usual. My roommate texted me that we should pull an all nighter. We used to stay up most nights. I would get ahead of my school work or work on movie script concepts. He […]

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