Dab of Darkness Review

I reached out awhile back to a woman who does book reviews. She said that she was unable to read the book because of some health issue. I then started developing the audio book version and once it was finally done, I sent her a copy. While her review only awarded me 3/5 stars, I […]

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The Audio Book is HERE!

Finally! This audio book has been long overdue. I remember reaching out before Thanksgiving to begin working on an audio version of “I Kinda See Dead People: A Spiritual Memoir.” I still kind of can’t believe that it’s here. To be completely honest, there were times where I figured that it was never going to […]

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Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I’ve had a great 2017, but I know that there are more adventures to be had. In 2017, I definitely had some ups and some downs. All in all, it was a better year than 2016. This year I found out who was on my team and who was not. I […]

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Audio Book Issues

Basically, I set out to create the audio book version of my “I Kinda See Dead People: A Spiritual Memoir” as a means to have another way that people could consume my story. I remember reading Facebook reading clubs and some people have disabilities among other things that effect how my story is told. I […]

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all! I hope that you enjoy this day with family and friends. I for sure did. My girlfriend caught a stomach bug at her family function. But, I was sippin’ on sangria and talking about my book with her family. Great times. I hope that the Law of Attraction brought you everything […]

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