Update on Life & Stuff

Hey blog followers! Long time no see! It’s crazy. I think my life is just moving very fast and because of that I haven’t been seeing ghosts, I haven’t been spiritually open, etc. I’ve kinda just been bogged down by life. For instance, the last month I’ve just been on the internet applying for jobs like a madman. Finally though, I got an offer and today I started my first real job as a professional in the corporate world. That statement is honestly one that I never wanted to say. I usually hate the corporate world. But, I also am aware that I need a source of income to continue in my musical/film pursuits. It is wild that everyone has congratulated me for getting a job and in the back of my head, I think, “Why is everyone encouraging me to settle?” Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. I don’t think I am because I know my worth and I’m still going to reinvest in myself. I wish I could have enjoyed my summer but I’m in the land of opportunity and I feel that this job is right for me at this stage of my life. But, I just got followed by a celebrity agent. I hope he DMs me or something. I need to blow up now! I’m still praying. I’m still grinding. I hope to have a paranormal experience so I can keep you guys interested. Hope you enjoyed my update.download

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