RIP XXXTentacion

If you are familiar with the Hip-Hop/Rap world, then you know that a famous artist passed away on Monday. I was shocked when I first heard the news. Personally, I didn’t listen to many of his songs, but I could tell that he was special. I liked, “Sad!, Garrett’s Revenge, Riot,” but “Look at Me” was lit! Regardless of what you think of him, the guy was shot and killed at the age of 20. Yes, he had felony charges and whatnot but the thing was that his audience was everyone. People from all walks of life. He was definitely a troubled individual, but through his hardships, audiences were able to fall in love with who he truly was. Many of us hide behind our fake facades. I do as well. I haven’t fully stepped into who I want to be as a creator either. I keep telling myself that I’ll change this or that when I start making money at this. XXXTentacion was a talented individual. Many people have put him on the same pedestal that they did for Tupac and Biggie. I believe he deserves this recognition as well. But, what is here to be learned from X’s untimely death is this. You can speak things into existence. He spoke about dying an untimely death. He basically egged it on and he believed in the Law of Attraction. He knew that he was attracting this into his life. Maybe he knew that he was going to be a sacrifice for the betterment of society. RIP to a legend and I hope that you all only manifest positive messages into your lives.



Jahseh Onfroy

1/23/1998 – 6/18/2018


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