Leap of Faith

I finally decided to put my money where my mouth is. I know it took a long, long time in getting the confidence to do this, but I have a feeling that is outside of myself that the song I made will take off. That’s the thing about your dreams. I’ve learned within this last semester at school through my creativity class, that the reason that people don’t pursue their dreams, is because they ‘believe’ that they are unattainable. I too figured they were unattainable. I’m close to graduating college and every question that people ask me starts like this, “Oh congrats on graduating. Do you have something lined up?” Why is the second question asking about my immediate future? Why has our society become, what I learned in class as “satisfiers?’ People who put down others because they never believed in something to go all-in. I wrote a script, I wrote a book, I recorded songs; and yes none of them have taken off and become “The One.” But, that’s besides the point. In my heart, I know that I have something here. Whether you believe in God or not, nobody can deny momentum and consistency. I’ve been receiving signs for the past week and they lead me to NYC and into the studio with an engineer who collaborated with Snoop Dogg and French Montana alike. This is it.

The thing about the entertainment industry, isn’t that it takes necessarily knowledge or skill or any of that stuff. We live in a new world now. Why are we still not learning how to make money back in high school? It’s because the system is made to make workers; not to create free thinkers, entertainers, millionaires. The schooling system has been built to teach conformity and although I will be graduating college next week, they didn’t fully brainwash me. In fact, I understand that you must first know what you dislike to find your passion. I now know that I dislike school (and this idea of pissing on you and telling me that it’s raining). But, without school I wouldn’t have met my producer/collaborator who made me believe in my own musical abilities. The entertainment industry isn’t anything necessarily special. It’s a business but I also like it because it’s full of people with their own voices. The world is actually way less complex than I once thought. You either make money and then put it into something or you work for someone and they make the money. You choose: red pill or the blue pill. The reason that certain people are famous is because they were born into it: Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, King Combs. They already have money backing them and that’s the reason that they’re stars. NOT BECAUSE OF TALENT! It’s because of resources. So, why not invest $100 thousand dollars into your dream? That’s what you’re doing with college and there’s no return on investment. Neither might there be in music. But, if you have a good product and pour that money into marketing through social media, I think it’s better off than college debt and a regular job of slaving yourself away. Sorry for the rant, I’m not even mad that I’ve wasted this much time of my life figuring out the world. I just know that there is an energy that is telling me to go here, do this, create content. Maybe that’s the glimmer of hope that we all had as children and now it’s been beaten out of us. Maybe that’s the only part left of myself that hasn’t conformed. Now back to the topic at hand. I will tell you my journey up till this weekend.


I met my producer friend Johnymac (stage name) freshman year of college. We were trying to go to a Project X party. Suffice to say, the party was shut down before we arrived. But, that night I would meet one of my best friends. Around this time I started to believe in The Law of Attraction. I read The Alchemist and told Johnymac to check it out. I helped him to find his passion, which ended up being music. He taught me how to work social media to get followers (attention these days can translate to sales) and I was the ear in the studio when he would make beats. We spent hours upon hours in the studio. One day he told me to hop on a song and they first lines I said were, “Lucky charms, colored cars, I got bars.” Ever since then, I fell in love with the craft and how people actually liked what we were making. The first time that I had a fan notice me was life changing. I felt that we had to go harder. I started noticing that industry people were following me. When I met, Rudy (the psychic who visited me) and he said that my destiny was in the music industry, I was surprised. I thought maybe the film industry. But, that planted a seed in my head that I would make it. Although occasionally I lost faith, but something within me continued saying, “this is it.” I started to dislike the music that was played at the bars. I would ask myself, “why isn’t that me?” Then I heard one of Johnymac’s beats and I felt it in my heart. I made a note on my phone about lyrics to it back in July. I didn’t do anything with the lyrics until I started to receive signs:

  • Johnymac redid the beat (he very rarely does this).
  • The first time I tried recording it, I got mad and almost gave up.
  • Johnymac got a job, so I went in the studio and recorded it myself.
  • I watched videos that I felt were talking to me that had the same theme as my song.
  • I lost sleep and met a musical engineer.

Then something told me, “GO TO NEW YORK THIS WEEKEND.” The sounds in my head were so loud and that’s just what I did. I had no excuse because I’m almost out of college so the sky is the limit. I met up with my engineer. The entire time I was at the studio, I see these guys with colorful hair and eccentric clothing. I looked nothing like them. I feel as though, when you go somewhere that you feel unwelcome, you start to question if this is for you. I repressed that feeling. But, two years ago, I would have walked out… walked out on both the studio and my dreams. The beat and my lyrics are just so novel, that I truly truly believe this is “The One,” I guess only time will tell and y’all won’t have to wait very long. 😉


“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”


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