Signs & Distractions

I recently tried to get back into meditation. Considering that finals are coming up and my stress levels are about to soar through the roof, I figured that I might as well. There I was inhaling and exhaling with my eyes closed. Waiting for my consciousness to slip away and find the answers to my current questions. Hoping for answers from some higher power. I’ve been dealing recently with the issue of being unhappy. Whether it’s my own ego that is pushing me towards depression is one possibility. Maybe it’s just the Quarter Life Crisis that every college student faces before they become an adult. I just feel as though, nothing that I’ve been pursuing is working and every time I go out with the guys to have a drink and fun around the town, I feel the void inside of me get larger. I need this creativity to work and I don’t need to be looking at eye candy and wasting my money away in the name of fun. So, there I was asking for help from some energy outside of my own. I centered myself and then… KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! I went to the door and nobody was there. Change is calling and I’m ready to get into a better head space.



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