MUSIC – Rigor & Egos

So, lately I’ve been trying to record my first single. The only thing that seems to get in my way is #1 myself and #2 people who don’t believe in me. Now I can believe in myself all that I want and I know that the current song that I’m sitting on is literally a hit, but I can’t do it all myself. My best friend/producer/collaborator has three years invested into studio production and I know that he is talented. I know that this particular instrumental is GOLD! And I’m also aware that what I want to do with the beat, isn’t the most substantive thing. But, where I think my lane is, is that the song would go fucking bananas (viral) if we just let me do the conceptual stuff and he just hears me out. I know that he cares about me and he is only there to help, but I let my ego get to me the last time that we were in the studio. The Four Loko that I snuck into the studio didn’t help too much either I suppose, because I held back tears as I was critiqued for my nasally vocal delivery over the bass heavy instrumental.


Above, is an image that I took from a Communications textbook that I had to use for class. I find this image particularly interesting, because it is 100% relevant to my current situation. Now, I’m well aware that I’m not the best rapper in the world… yet. Some songs that I record, I flow right through and have inspiration from the beginning. Other’s are a much slower burn. Therefore, I’m still learning my pocket. Due to the fact that I KNOW… I KNOW that this song will take off, has increased both my challenge and my anxiety. Currently, I haven’t found my pocket for this particular song and maybe the Four Loko aided in my slurred/nasal delivery of lyrics. But, I believe that the song I want to make, doesn’t need to go by any book.

I believe that everything that is “art” is defined for its value, based on how it makes people feel. I have a high concept for this song and I have a vision of the end. I just wish people would trust me and not make me rethink my thoughts. The song doesn’t need to rhyme, the repetition of beginning sounds would be cool, and the instrumental would do a lot of the heavy lifting. I KNOW THIS! I don’t know who else has seen Kanye West’s new album cover with Kid Cudi, but it’s literally a pencil drawling that is scribbled onto a piece of paper. “Plants vs. Zombies” is a video game that depicts plants fighting against zombies… Exactly. Imagine if the meeting to discuss plans for the next big video game resulted in the creator getting made fun of for his idea. YOU JUST NEED PEOPLE TO TRUST YOU! To further my point, I’ll leave you with the image below that I took with an art piece at the MOMA in New York. Mind you, the artist got paid for this.


Do you see anything in this artwork? See, it’s ambiguous. Just like my idea for this hit song. Image if the art curator scoffed at this work. Now, I know I’m sounding very egotistical throughout this post. I know that I’m in the wrong and that I need to harness my own abilities. But why not take a chance? Which brings me to my final point. A quote from one of my favorite movies, “The Master of Disguise.” The quote goes, “That’s so crazy, so crazy… it just might work.”


Comment your beliefs about art and how to balance creativity with skill


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