TIPS – Help Others

When I was home, this last weekend, my father told me that he had a book about improving my psychic abilities that he wanted me to read. I said, “Okay, sure” and took the book back to school with me. I’ve been reading it nonstop! I swear, I’ve been almost neglecting my school projects because of how good this book is and I’m ready to reconnect with my spiritual self. Psychic Skylar, has been gone for way too long. So, I’ve been reading this book, “The Intuition Guidebook” by Cyndi Dale and everything she says, I can pretty much relate to. It’s definitely a good read and she elaborates on my ideas that some people on Earth may or may not be actual people. Maybe, they were sent here with another purpose (angels). But, in my classes I started to zone out and see auras behind people again. I figured I gotta keep reading and improving on my abilities.


Now, I have a friend that I made in my contemporary art class. She’s a photography major or something and I had told her that I identify as someone who is psychic. She even read my book and everything. Well turns out, she had some abilities herself. She actually reached out to me because she was having issues with not being able to concentrate. She said that her Third Eye was always open and this, that, and the other. Since I was reading this book, I learned new centering techniques and ways to shut your Third Eye and better harness your abilities. I told her to imagine that you are rooted to the ground and then a cocoon of light wraps around your body. Then imagine all of the light entering your body and being still and centered. She told me she would try it. But, the important thing is, that I wouldn’t be able to have helped her as well if I didn’t receive this book in the first place. I kind of am starting to understand what people mean when they say, “everything happens for a reason.” Because it definitely seemed like it. But, also just help people. Everyone else in this world is so headstrong with where they’re going and what they’re doing. But, if I can help, then I’m going to help. HELP OTHERS PLEASE!


Comment a time when you’ve helped someone recently

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