NIGHTMARE – Bloody Lip

In the book that I mentioned in my last post, it said that psychics can actually receive ailments from those who’ve they’ve come into contact with. An example would be if I unknowingly received information from someone with cancer and my soul actually absorbed the cancer. This is obviously a very far fetched idea as far as I’m concerned. Maybe in an extreme case. I’m aware that in the old times, shamans would take away diseases and such, but natives couldn’t prove that one was healing someone on a spiritual level. The idea makes semi sense considering that we can absorb others moods. Why not absorb an ailment by accident? I’ve never seen physical proof, nor have I actually ever seen such things.

I had a nightmare last night. I unfortunately didn’t write down everything that happened in the nightmare. I just remember a confrontation with my brother, Bryce. The argument evolved into an all out fist fight and I had a bloody lip like Rocky Balboa. The thing that was different from this nightmare was that, when I woke up, I had actually retained my injuries. This suggests that maybe I can absorb certain things from others if I’m not careful. I was dumbfounded after the dream, when I wiped my face. I looked down and saw blood. I had been bleeding in my dream and I had been bleeding from my mouth this morning. Fishy and scary. Don’t know what it means, but I’d rather that not happen again.



Comment if you’ve ever experienced something in a dream and then it physically affected you after waking up

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