A couple of days ago I was soundly sleeping in my dorm room. My roommate was also sleeping. I remember having a very interesting dream to say the least. But, the dream wasn’t what was frightening to me. I initially woke up and felt a presence to me left. I thought it must have been my roommate moving around or getting up to go to the bathroom. I ignored the noises being made. I eventually felt as though somebody was standing over me. That was when I thought to myself, “Is Barry tryna play a prank on me?” Considering that Barry often peers over me when I’m napping and such, I decided that it was a plausible assumption. I tried opening my eyes. It was like sleep paralysis, but my eyes weren’t able to open. It was weird. Then I felt fur. Not fur from a jacket. Fur that reminded me of a rat. I felt it on both sides of my face. The experience was offputting to say the least. Then I remember having a name that entered my mind. I don’t remember it now as I write this article, but it was the first and last of a woman. Eventually, I snapped out of the trance and asked my roommate if he had gotten up in the middle of the night. His response was a resounding “no.” I don’t know what the texture of a rat has to do with anything, but it was interesting to say the least.


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