DESTINY – Prayer

“I don’t always pray, but when I do… great things happen.” Now I’m not The Most Interesting Man (even if I think that I should be, considering that I’m the following: screenwriter, model, psychic, rapper, actor, author, and artist). But, that’s the kind of statement that is intriguing. I do believe that there is a God and I do believe that there is a destiny/prophecy that guides every living creature’s lives. I believe in these things, but I also have my questions. The past few weeks I’ve been down and borderline depressed. Mostly because of school, because I want more out of life, because I feel stagnant. I’m a college senior and I need to set up my life for the future as well as balancing a budding music career and still doing well in my current classes. There literally isn’t enough time in a day! I pray briefly each night and just thank God for things that I currently have. But, I never have asked God for things to happen and my dreams to come true. So, a couple of days ago I decided to pray to God at length.


I’m not going to elaborate upon what I asked, but the next morning I woke up to many Instagram notifications. Now, that’s not necessarily God sent. I don’t care about Instagram fame, but I’m talking random people who I’ve never met, just blowing up my notifications. Either someone had memed me or I spoke about something and it attracted itself into my life. That day, everyone seemed to want a piece of me. There’s this fashion show at my university and I just so happened to bump into the coordinator and she asked me to be in the show. Noticeably weird instances happened throughout the day. By the evening, I had a A&R (Artists & Repertoire; someone who scouts musical talent) person following me as well. The boost in my notoriety seemed to bring people into my world, that are necessary for me to live up to my destiny.

Then it hit me. Maybe some people in this world aren’t who they say they are. Maybe some people are angels or maybe it was me praying that put my energy on a certain wavelength to be received by others. God’s Algorithm I’d call it. Regardless of if anything translates into success, I now have a different opinion on other people. Maybe their purpose is just to enter my life, just as I need them. This reminds me of meeting my girlfriend by chance as well as meeting a guy at the bar to help write my ebook. Also, I expressed interest in creating an app and somebody just so happened to stumble upon my page. I believe in chance and luck, but something about timing has me questioning everything.


Comment below if you believe that some people may be angels and here to guide you. What’s your destiny?


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