As the title reflects, this is the first time I’ve experienced sleep paralysis in quite some time. For the last week I’ve been on Spring Break and living at my family home. This is usually the place where I don’t get much shut eye. Miraculously, I did get a lot of sleep and no interruptions. Maybe that was because of my sleeping companion, Chance (my dog). Maybe it was the fact that I had a dim light on the entire night. Regardless, I was able to get some much needed sleep and no weird occurrences happened when I was at home. That is, until the night before Easter.


I was exhausted and my brother stayed up playing Xbox. I decided to go to bed before him (not my smartest idea). Usually I have nightmares and such if I’m asleep before he is. But, he’s been living somewhere else and was just spending the night because it was going to be Easter the next day. I figured all was well. He would eventually come to bed but I was already in a deep sleep. I remember just seeing blackness, but something was different. I was conscious. I knew that my body was in the room, but my eyes wouldn’t open. I was sleeping on my stomach and felt an oppressive essence behind me. I started to fight the paralysis. I couldn’t talk or groan out to my brother so I tried moving my arms to hit my bedpost. I felt as though I was making progress and fighting off whatever was hindering me. I eventually swiped against the bedpost and regained control of my body. As I looked around the room my eyes fell upon a figure in the room. The figure looked like a man of African American descent. I reached out to touch the figure. He vanished and with that, I was further brought back to reality. When people ask me what these out of body experiences are like I would say that they are like the Men In Black agents come in and wipe my memory after every instance. When I’m in this other world, so to speak, time is more of an allusion and I can only retain fragments of my experience. The experience is like that of being on a substance and then just blacking out. I don’t understand why it is like this and I can’t bring my experiences completely into the real world. But, hey, another sleepless night of sleep paralysis. So, I guess that’s cool I guess. I’m still learning along this spiritual journey. Hope you are still sticking by me as I go wild over here lol.


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One thought on “SLEEP PARALYSIS – Been Awhile

  1. I have experienced sleep paralysis twice and that was many years ago. I saw a dark figure slowing walk from one side of my bed to the other. Each time I broke free of it before it could touch my face. Absolutely frightening!


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