MUSIC – Musical Endeavors


I know that it’s been awhile since I last posted. But, I’ve been keeping busy with things. For starters, remember how I had that feeling that something was going to happen on the musical front of my life? Well it did, I got this email:


Now, I’m well aware that the email isn’t written in the most legible way possible. The thing could be a complete joke, but no red flags or hidden charges to send in music have occurred. Therefore, I’m just using the email as an encouragement tool. But, hey, if I get a call to come down and meet with a record label, then I’m going to disappear. I’ve been in the studio plenty more times this semester. I’m still working on finding my creative sound. I know that my music isn’t the best just yet, but it is out there. Hell, my worst song could end up being a listener’s favorite. Therefore, I’m just going to make music and put it out there. Which is why I need to shoot a music video. Nobody will ever blow up without a visual. Just being on audio platforms, nobody will even know what I look like. There is where my issue is when it comes to my best friend and producer. We need to have a discussion about what needs to be done moving forward. Until then, I posted all of our songs on iTunes and Spotify. Check em out and add them to your playlists!


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