DESTINY – Something’s Happening

Have you ever felt that weird sensation that everything is going to come together for you? I’ve only experienced it a handful of times. One being, when I first met my girlfriend. I saw her in a photograph and said, “I need to meet this girl.” I believe in divine intervention and in the book that I wrote, I talked a lot about this thing. It’s funny that currently, “God’s Plan” is the top song in the nation as I write this. So, I dropped the song that I recorded on my first day back at college, “1 Hand.” The song didn’t get the views that I believe it deserved. It’s been a couple days and a random account direct messages me. They compliment me and say that I’m a star. I thank the user and then she further inquires that she has a cousin at Capitol Records and that she thinks he would be interested. The next sign that I got was that an Instagram influencer starts to follow me. He is friends with Jaden Smith, so I ultimately think, “Dope.” After he followed me, there began an interesting snowball effect. My video was liked by a Instagram page that boasts 180k followers. I figured that I was starting to get followers was because of this. After this, I got reached out to for a SoundCloud Sunday’s competition with another user. Lastly, I got followed back by Ski Mask the Slump God & XXXTentacion’s DJ. This is huge! I’ve slowly been building up traction and surrounded myself with like-minded artist. I feel that I just broke the camel’s back. I told my roommate, “I feel like I don’t have class tomorrow. I think I’m about to blow up.” I feel that way. I’ve only had a handful of epiphanies and this is one. Tomorrow… something… will… happen…

Unlocking Dreams


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