MUSIC – 1 Hand

I spent some time trying to edit the audio quality of the song that I recorded last week. I truly believe in the song. I went to great lengths to have it blow up. But, I guess Rome wasn’t built in a day. The fact that I have spent two years building up a fan base that doesn’t support my musical endeavors is disheartening. I figured that with 12k followers on Instagram, that would translate to love and support. When I released my book I noticed that I couldn’t get past 300 likes. The book definitely didn’t put me in the green, but it is weird that a picture of me shirtless could get 1k likes and an endeavor that means more to me, gets little to no attention. I guess I’m just looking in all of the wrong places. I dropped the video on YouTube and Sound Cloud. I directly messaged OBJ as well as encouraging my followers to tag him in the comments. I only was able to get one friend to comment. It’s crazy. I’m still pursuing my dreams, I just need to pivot because I feel as though nobody supports me. If you do, check out the new song. I appreciate it.



Sound Cloud:

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