TIPS – Avoid Negativity

I’m sorry that I haven’t been as active on this blog for the past week. No ghostly appearances or awe inspiring message for the past week; now that school is back in full swing. But, two days ago I was with my friend Dre and we were with another friend of mine. This friend (who shall not be named) was telling us about a blog idea and what she wanted to do with her future. She told us about how she wanted to start a blog to empower women and such. I agreed that her ideas were good and then offered my help (considering that I’ve already started a blog). I told her what to do and how to market it and whatnot. She then refers to my book by saying, “Oh that book with the shitty cover? I don’t believe in ghosts.” Obviously, the cover could have been perfected in many ways, but I would have expended plenty of resources on such a cover and my cover is exactly how I had envisioned it. Next, I tell her a story from the book about ghosts and such and she completely ignores me. She proceeds to read the negative review of my book and laughs. After that she plays a song about fucking burritos and then when Dre plays music that we made, she says that it is garbage. I have no care in the world for her opinions because she is small minded. She has all of these dreams about a blog and a future and whatnot, but she hasn’t started anything and won’t even listen to my advice. Therefore I have no sympathy and I just realize that I must show them. I texted Dre later saying, “I can’t be around negative people. I won’t allow her to reduce me to her level. I need to be around only like minded people.”


Yesterday was also a day where others tried to negatively mess up my thought process. I received a text from my girlfriend asking for my side of the story on a message. Basically, this last weekend, my friend Dre was hosting a birthday party Saturday night. I messaged some girl on Instagram and asked what her plans were. I invited her and she invited me over Friday night. Here I thought that I was going to attend two parties and have a fun time, but instead it was a set up from her. She directly messaged my girlfriend saying that I’m a cheater and that she had images. She misinterpreted my intentions as being that I would come over Friday and cheat, when in reality, I thought she was hosting a party. I just can’t deal with people anymore. I only need my core group of friends and everyone else will try and ruin me. But, I’m smart, I’ve learned my lesson in trusting people and who I surround myself from this point on will only be people who believe in me and support my endeavors.

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