MUSIC – All In

Yesterday, I officially changed my Instagram name to “Wa$hington.” My Instagram handle will continue to me “skylarthahoff” because that is what all of my social network usernames are. I will keep them this way until I start making money with my music. Then there will be no going back! Yesterday I also learned how to post music with a still image and got iTunes on my laptop. I believe that talent is relative. I’ve noticed now that a social media following doesn’t guarantee money acquirement, but I’m still very much in the social media realm. But, you need to go viral to have success and I need to keep up with the gatekeepers. I have connections and I’m not currently pressed for money. Therefore, I will do everything in my power to raise my social standing and become Wa$hington both physically as well as creatively. There is a God and I believe in this. I will go as hard as I can to become that which I am. I posted my entire catalogue of music on my Instagram story and now when I go back to school, I will be in the studio as much as humanely possible. I also, have people who can shoot music videos and people who can help me mix and master my tracks. I’m ready. I’m Wa$hington. I’m all in.

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