The Audio Book is HERE!

Finally! This audio book has been long overdue. I remember reaching out before Thanksgiving to begin working on an audio version of “I Kinda See Dead People: A Spiritual Memoir.” I still kind of can’t believe that it’s here. To be completely honest, there were times where I figured that it was never going to come. I almost even ceased all attempts at getting it published. But… WE’RE PUBLISHED BABY! That’s life. I feel that the things that you almost give up on, are the things that really matter in one’s life. Always stick it out! If you’ve invested the time and effort into something; you need to get that shit out. For your own sake as well as the other people involved.


I remember telling my friend Dre, that I had a deal to share the royalties made from the book with a narrator. He told me that I was selling myself short by having somebody else narrate something that I had written myself. I told him, “Dre, the amount of time to record, edit, and publish the audio version wouldn’t be worth the time.” I’m so glad that I made that decision, because even with a narrator the audio book took a solid three months to be released. I had no studio or equipment and would have turned out a shitty project if I had done it all myself. Yes, there were issues and I had them all resolved. Then every time I submitted, I would have to wait 10-14 for a response. The ACX production people rejected the book about three times or so. Each time a resubmitting would take the 10-14 days again and I was stressed out! I was so close to pulling the plug on the project, but I had to get it out there for myself and for my narrator (who honestly invested more time in recording and editing the project). So, it’s out now on Audible and soon to be other platforms, such as iTunes. I have attached the link. Thank you for the continued support!

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