I’m a star… and so are you. That just depends on you. Many people are caught up in this thing that we call, “the real world.” Which ultimately means, you’re born, you get a job, you get married, and then you die. At some point along that journey you realize that you have a passion. Something that you’re good at, something that you love to do, something that you would do for free. But, everyone in life suggests otherwise. They say, “How are you going to make money though?” The thing is that these people are stuck in a passionless life. I’m aware that you can do both. You can work for money and you can let your passions live on the side. I remember an argument with my girlfriend almost a year ago. We were hanging on by a thread and she told me, “You’re putting all of your eggs into one basket.” Now, I realize that I am, but the thing is; you can’t deny momentum. I could be the best artist in the world, but if I’m not in front of the key people, then I will never become anything. This is true. I must also possess the mindset that “I’m a star.” You must believe it. You must become that which you want to be. For me, that means going fully into who I want to be. I want grey hair and to go by “Wa$hington.” But my social media seems to push me to be something else. I don’t care about anyone else’s opinions.


Last year, I wrote down on a paper over and over; “I Skylar “Wa$hington” Hoffman will open for the Spring concert at the University of Delaware.” I wrote that statement for at least 10 pages. I’m determined and know I’m realizing that I need to put my money where my mouth is. Speak it into existence. This is the year of Wa$hington. I’m a star. When people say that I’m putting myself too far out there, well the only reason that any business was unsuccessful was because they quit. You have to be like 50, “Get Rich or Die Tryin’.” That has to be your mindset. So, who’s going to join me on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Make 2018 happen for you.

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