MEDITATION – First Time in 2018

This is the first time that I’ve meditated in 2018. I’m going to start meditating as often as humanly possible. Hopefully something interesting will happen every time I do it. I’ve found that I’m losing my sense of direction. When that happens, I decide to clear my head. Since I haven’t meditated in awhile; it’s obvious that I can’t sit still for as long as I used to. Today, I tried to last for fifteen minutes. I did just that, but I dozed off once or twice and had to shake myself awake. I’m attempting to build up the self control to meditate for at least thirty minutes. But, that goal may take some time! I’m also trying to reduce the amount of substances that I consume. Coffee, alcohol, adderall, etc. When I used to meditate daily, I would get a feeling of euphoria. I would feel energized, I would see more auras, and I would just be a better person. I’m doing all of this to get out of my current rut. I shouldn’t be constantly hoping for the next day to start. I shouldn’t be questioning why I’m not as happy as I could be. I need to get back to the positive Skylar. I’m also doing it for the people! What’s a paranormal blog, without ghosts to see?

Trash. That’s why I’ve decided to get back into meditation. So, what’d I see during my first meditation of 2018? Well, not much, but it’s a start. I poised myself upright on the couch and closed my eyes. I started to breathe in through my nose for four seconds. Then breathe out for another four count. This was a breathing exercise that I learned in my acting class. 1… 2… 3… 4… I started to drift away. In about three minutes I was somewhere else. Although my sight was black, I recall hearing a woman’s voice. She mentioned something about screenwriting and I heard her heels clank on the floor. I tried to channel my energy and open my Third Eye. I fell asleep around this time and then I adjusted my head back to an upright position. Next, I started to see a circle of light and it raised. The ball of light expanded and I stepped inside of it. I fell asleep again and my memory blurs at about the time that I opened my Third Eye. Then my alarm went off. I didn’t have the feeling of euphoria that I desired. I will keep up with the meditation and tell you everything that I see, feel, hear.


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