TIPS – Snow Storm Motivation

I hope that everyone is safe. Whether you made it out to work today or you’re staying in for the day. I’m currently up in my apartment while a snow storm consumes New York City. Luckily, some of us are still in warm weather across the globe. Whatever your situation, this motivation could still be useful.


So, we are now in full swing for 2018. I plan on having all of my goals, dreams, and desires coming to fruition this year. I will graduate or not graduate college this year, I will have a job doing something that I love, and I will never settle for something that I know I don’t believe in. I want to continue to make music, model, train my psychic abilities, and write: movies, plays, novels. I basically want to do it all! But, I don’t currently have that missing piece. Hopefully by writing it down on here, I can have an audience keep me accountable. I’m currently enjoying my Winter Break, which will last until the beginning of February. But, until then I’m in the apartment, researching and fine tuning my crafts.

This world is all about who you know and I currently know, nobody. That isn’t to say that I can’t meet anybody who will change my life in an instant. When you know what you want to do, you automatically tune yourself into that medium. I just wrote a new book proposal to a literary agent. Today, I watched a round table discussion that had the agent’s father in it. Now I know of him and if I ever see him in NYC, I’ll be sure to spark a conversation. I learned my lesson over the summer! I went to the Chelsea Market for food and out comes a man, hailing a taxi. I stopped for a moment because I had seen this man somewhere. Later in the day, it comes to me. That was Lyor Cohen. He was Young Thug’s manager, mentioned in DJ Khaled’s memoir, and currently is the Global Head of Music for YouTube. The man has some CLOUT! Now, if only I had known it was him. If only I spoke with him that day. From then on, I decided that I need to do some research.

Astoundingly, I have another connection currently. My uncle was telling me how he enjoyed my book over Christmas dinner. He is aware that I wrote a feature film and said that he knows a guy, who knows a guy, who is best friends with Quentin Tarantino. Yes, THE Quentin Tarantino. I reached out to the one guy, who ended up forwarding my phone number to Quentin Tarantino’s best friend. Still waiting on that call… But, the point is that you make your own luck. I know that the universe is working all the time, but you need to know the decision makers and the people who put other people on. That is why tomorrow, I plan to wake up at around 6AM and walk down 23rd street over to the East Side. I’ve walked past the Wilhelmina and IMG Model buildings many times. I figure that if I’m outside when people are going to work, or they go for their morning coffee. Maybe, just maybe I can start up a conversation with them. Who knows where it will go. So, I encourage everyone who enjoyed this snow day, to knuckle down and find out where the connected people are. Help the universe, help you.

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