Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I’ve had a great 2017, but I know that there are more adventures to be had. In 2017, I definitely had some ups and some downs. All in all, it was a better year than 2016. This year I found out who was on my team and who was not. I don’t believe in burning bridges because there is always a chance that someone can help me in the future. I just learned who I can count on and who I can’t. I now realize where I should invest my time and efforts. I believe that everyone should have a resolution and stick it out. Ever since the beginning of 2016, I’ve stuck with mine. I remember stating, “I will write a screenplay before 2017.” I did just that. It definitely took more effort on my part. I pulled an all-nighter finishing up my screenplay “False Advertising.” Then, I spoke into existence that I would write a book before the end of 2017. Look at me, I’ve done just that. I didn’t even have the concept down at the time. So, what does Skylar Hoffman have planned for 2018? This is my year… This is the year that fame and fortune come. I’ve built up my fan base and now it is time to execute. In 2018, I will be more time efficient. I will put less effort into media. I had too much leisure time this year. Next year, I’m talking no down time and as little sleep as I can survive on. I will die one day and I don’t believe in not following my passion! I will get healthier. In 2017, I stopped working out, but I will get right back in the swing of things. I will also start to mediate daily and keep up with this blog. My spirituality will be at its strongest this new year. My new year will be all about creativity. The 3 M’s: music, movies, and modeling. That is my resolution. This is Skylar “Wa$hington” Hoffman’s year!

Happy new Year WhatsApp Status 2018

Comment what your resolutions are for 2018

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