NIGHTMARE – Ghost Sheet

I’ve done it again… by that I mean waking up in the middle of the night screaming. Not the most fun experience, that’s for sure! I believe that the ghost was in my presence. But, the majority of this post will be an analysis of what the nightmare and the events before/after mean in terms of my interpretation.

I went to be at around 2AM. I didn’t have the easiest time, while trying to sleep. I squirmed and rolled around for what seemed like an hour or so. Before falling asleep, I remember seeing color with my eyes closed. I saw hues of purple and they formed to make a female figure. I still have no idea what this actually meant. Then I was in a weird room as I watched a zombie film on screen. At certain points I was able to choose the actions that the characters made in the zombie film. I remember making a decision and killing one of the main characters, so I had to replay the same event. I changed the decision many times, but the character that I was in control of always met her demise. Every which way, she would succumb to the zombie horde. Then a commercial break interrupts the show and I’m transported to, what seems like a sexual fantasy room. A woman enters and whispers into my ear, “You can do anything that you wanna do.” I then realize that I’m dreaming but the woman pushes me onto the bed and then I’m back in my childhood home. I have my phone light on as I scan the room. I turn to my brother who is sleeping on the bed next to me. I try to move and yell to wake him up. Nothing comes out. I’m frantic and then I break through and come back to reality. I look up from my dorm’s bed and above me is a tall figure that is bent over. He/She/It is wearing what seems to be a white sheet to cover itself. I yell at the top of my lungs, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” My roommate wakes up and says, “Are you good?” I grabbed my phone and jotted down the experience before I forgot everything. So, yeah that’s basically how my night went. I only slept for like two hours.

ghost sheet

I have no idea whatsoever who the purple woman was that I saw before I fell asleep. But, that was new. I had never a symbol that was decipherable. Usually the colors just dance around like a lava lamp. This time there was a clear as day figure of a woman! As far as the nightmare went, I believe that I couldn’t change the story of the zombie film because it was metaphor for not being able to change my own destiny. The zombies could have been interpreted as the people who want to consume me; the people who hate me and don’t want to see me succeed. The woman in the fetish room must have been my idea of a ‘perfect’ person. Obviously there is no such thing as perfect, but the fact that she assured me that I can/will do anything that I want in this world was the reassurance that I needed. The sleep paralysis next to my brother has already occurred once prior, so I may have just been reliving this experience. Lastly, I have no idea what the ghost figure was doing. It stood above me with a hunch in its posture. Whatever it was, it didn’t want to be seen in its true form.

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