MUSIC – Bar Fan

Hello all! My last final is this Saturday and then I’m finally a free man! Just kidding. I’m basically free, but I have an online class to take before I can be officially considered a college graduate. Still is very exciting. I will be posting more now that I have a ton of free time. Last week I was so swamped with school work that my retention of knowledge was horrible! I have a theater class and I literally forgot all of my lines while on stage. I wish that feeling upon nobody! But, now I can take a breather and I’ll be pursuing my dreams at full speed.


So, last night I went to a bar on my college’s campus. My roommate didn’t want to go, but I had a feeling that I had to at least check out the crowd. I said, “I’ll just do a loop around and then we can leave.” He agreed. I walked around and for the most part, the bar was dead. Which was surprising for it being the last weekend before finals. I was about to leave and a guy comes up to me. He’s point and goes, “Hey, are you Wa$hington?” I nod my head. He outstretches his hand and compliments me, “Dude! I knew it was you. I fuck with your music man.” I responded, “What song? What’s your name?” I was so caught in the moment that I forgot his name. But he said, “My boy and I play your music at our pregames. When you gonna make more?” I told him that I really appreciated him and assured him that more music would be coming. Then, he parted and I instantly messaged my producer friend, Dre. I was ecstatic! I told him that we have something here and now that I have some free time, I plan on living in the studio. The prophecies might be coming true very soon. I’m just hype that I have my first fan and there aren’t really pictures of me out there. Word spreads and so does music! You’ll all hear some very soon. Thanks for sticking with me.

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