NIGHTMARE – Impostors Everywhere

– Good news! The audio book was approved by all parties and in 10-14 business days, all of you will be able to listen to it! The run time is approximately an hour and a half. So, it isn’t too much of a time commitment. It’s basically just like watching a movie. I hope to hear all of your opinions once it is out. Now to this interesting nightmare that I had recently…

The first sign that I was dreaming, was that my house’s layout was different from reality. For some reason, the bathroom toilet was next to the dryer in the basement. I had to pee so I proceeded to using the toilet. All of a sudden, the dryer door squeaked open. I turned to look at it and as I did, Lil Xan peered out of the dryer. I jump back. For those of you who aren’t aware, Lil Xan is an up-and-coming rapper (more about that later). He told me to get in the dryer and I assume that means to die. He had a demonic grin plastered on his face.  I screamed and ran upstairs. Obviously nobody believed me. It was my sister, Rayven’s birthday and we decided to go out and eat at a restaurant. The employees at the restaurant brought out a cake, but they were mumbling demonic words that made no sense. Everyone in the restaurant started to chant. My dad decided that we should leave and we piled into the car.

On the ride home, we saw a house that was on fire. My dad stopped the car. Burning individuals ran up to our car and started banging on the windows. They weren’t in pain. As if they were engulfed since birth. They mouthed curse words on the other side of the car’s windows. My dad peeled off and I looked back. The figures were still on fire and just staring at me. All of a sudden a police car slams into the car. The police officer gets out of his crashed vehicle and points a gun at my dad. He yells, “Get back in the car and don’t come back.” My dad notices that my sister is unconscious from the collision. He says, “Help us!” To which the police officer replies, “She’s already dead. Go home now!” My dad drives us back home and carries Rayven’s body into the house.


The same day, my dog, Chance is sleeping in the living room. I hear clicking and clanking in the kitchen and head into the kitchen. Chance is in the kitchen destroying groceries. I pick up the Chance impostor and the creature shows its true form. A black little creature. I interpret this as a shapeshifter. I took the creature outside and threw it against a wall. The creature turns into these shadow particles that reform. The creature disappears after mumbling the same chant that the people at the restaurant had chanted. My mom tells me that I shouldn’t tell Rudy about the experience. Then I woke up.


The reason that I’m analyzing this nightmare in particular, is because the images were so vivid in my mind. My consciousness was latching onto this dream in order to teach me something about myself or the future. Maybe demons are real and they attacked me in this dream. So be it. I’m familiar with Lil Xan but haven’t heard a single song by him. I just know that in one of his songs he mentions “666” which is a demonic number in modern thought. He was trying to get me into the dryer. Which symbolizes Satan trying to pull me into Hell, so to speak. The burning people and the evil restaurant employees have always been on fire. They are the fire people in my interpretation. They just want to consume everyone around them. This could be a warning to never trust anybody. My dad tried stopping to help them and the fire people almost killed us. Therefore, maybe I should look out for myself as opposed to helping everyone I see. When my sister dies on her birthday, that might signify the future or to watch out for police. Maybe she will get in trouble with the police soon. The last part of my dream that interests me, is the shapeshifting creature that pretends to be my dog. Telling me that even the things that I love most are evil or not what they seem. Maybe a demon literally planted itself into my dream. Which is why they warned me to not contact Rudy. So the question is, do I listen to my mom (AKA trust the dream and not listen to the warnings to not trust people) or do I call Rudy and this is an urgent message?

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