GHOSTS – Mustache

I haven’t been sleeping well. I mean I don’t expect to, considering the circumstances. My fall break has begun, so now I’m off from school until November 27th. So it’s lit! But, one would think that I would be catching up on sleep. Well, I’m visiting my girlfriend in New York for half of my break. I just can’t get a full night’s sleep though. My cycle is off because I’ve been depriving myself of sleep while studying and now I’m not used to it. Add a completely different location to the mix and you get a Skylar who can’t catch a break! Also, prepare yourselves because the other half of my break I’m going to be sleeping at home (where The Lady will be keeping me up most likely).


Which brings me to my next ghostly encounter. These things are starting to come faster! I titled this post “Mustache” as a joke, but that is all I really knew about the ghost. He didn’t tell me his name, where he was from, or why he attacking me. In my dream, I was in my house instead of the New York apartment for which I fell asleep in. I woke up and there was a man with a mustache and dark hair eyeballing me. I think he had on a red sweater, but everything else I can’t recall. He was all up in my face in no time and yelling. He said that he died in my house and that we weren’t welcomed there! He was so aggressive in shaking me that I woke up frantically. I have no idea who he is/was but I’m not really sure if I want to look into who he was. Maybe I’ll see him again… I hope not.

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