Rudy Update

– I’m currently working to have an audio version of my book become available for distribution. I’ve gotten a handful of voice actors interested. Then the question arises, “Skylar, why wouldn’t you narrate your own book?” Well, I’ve decided that these people are professionals and can give me the sound that I desire. Otherwise, I’d have to get into a studio and record the audio myself and edit it. I just figured it would be easiest this way. Also, I decided that I’m not much a fan of my own voice. I think I sound like I have a lisp half of the time and might mumble, etc. Therefore, audio book outsourcing! So, now everyone who says that they haven’t gotten the book because their isn’t an audio version; won’t be able to use that excuses! I’m looking to most likely have the entire book completed before Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed!


The question still lingers. The question that only the universe truly can answer. Is Skylar Hoffman dropping out to become wealthy and famous? Well, my mom texted me in class a couple of days ago. The text message read, “Damn. Just talked to Rudy. Call me as soon as you can.” I obviously had no idea what she meant by all of this, so I called. As soon as I picked up she started spouting off about getting his address to send a signed paperback to him. She told me what Rudy said about my brother’s future. But then she said that as soon as she inquired about me, Rudy started seeing things. He said, “Skylar’s gonna be huge! It’s coming. He’s been blessed.” My mom then asked, “About what? Music? Movies?” Rudy responded, “Art. Just art. Everything. He thinks completely differently.” I didn’t know what to say after hearing their conversation. I just can’t imagine what kind of opportunity will fall into my lap. But, if something crazy happens, then I will have proven that destiny exists. So, stay tuned!

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