GHOSTS – Unknown Figure

So last night was interesting and I don’t exactly know how to explain what I saw. I was up later than usual. My roommate texted me that we should pull an all nighter. We used to stay up most nights. I would get ahead of my school work or work on movie script concepts. He came back from the bars at 1 AM. We caught up with each other and played a little bit of Xbox. Then, we decided that sleep was a better option. I fell asleep relatively fast. But, in the middle of the night I awoke. I don’t exactly know why I was awakened. I sat up in bed and looked at the time. It was somewhere around 1:55 AM. I hadn’t been asleep long. Before I laid back down, I looked to the right of my alarm clock. There I saw a figure. The figure was almost human but I couldn’t exactly tell. The figure had similarities with a heavier set woman. There was something covering her face. My heart nearly stopped and I was definitely frightened. I remember that I asked the figure a question, but I don’t remember what the question was. I had an eerie feeling and I have no idea if this figure was a ghost or something more sinister. The figure just stared at me and eventually disappeared as quickly as she had arrived. Somehow, I was able to go back to sleep after this. I guess I just gotta start getting used to seeing weird shit honestly.

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