GHOSTS – Phillip Norwood

— I have been studying countless hours for school exams and whatnot. I’m also working on getting flyers put up around school. This has consumed my free time and I had to resort to consuming mass amounts of caffeine. Which apparently weakens my spirituality. All substances seem to mess with my equilibrium. I recently went cold turkey but had withdraw symptoms all day yesterday. I had the worst migraine that I’d had in a very long time.

But, I had been meditating the past couple of days. I experienced the craziest natural high that I’d had in a while. I felt so driven and so able bodied. Yesterday when I went to bed, I didn’t expect a visit from someone in the spirit world. I guess I should realize that you never ask for any of this! In my dream I was just in my dorm room with my brother. I can’t remember exactly what we had been talking about. The spirit in question appeared out of nowhere. I just remember talking with my brother, blinking my eyes, and then following shattered glass to a man laying on the floor. I remember screaming for help and then putting my arms under his head and asking a number of questions. He only answered me when I asked his name, “Phillip Norwood.” I’m using phonetics, so I have no idea if that is how the ghost spelled his name. But, he had short blondish hair, blue eyes, and wore a flannel with jeans. I don’t know why but after he told me these details, I woke up in real time. I no longer had a headache and it was somewhere around 2AM. I took to my phone and saved everything that I remembered onto my cellphone notes.


If I stayed inside the dream longer I could have asked many other questions like: “How did you die?” “Where are you from?” “Why are you here?” Sometimes I believe that the information that I receive is almost all the I need. People will say, “How do you know he was a ghost and not just a dream?” Well to those people I’d elaborate. I knew that he was a person from the real world, because when I woke up, there’s this time freeze phenomena. Like my soul is returning back to my body as well. I can’t really explain it but my ears ring and my sight is foggy and my head feels warm. Then after a couple of seconds I come back to reality. I experience this every time that I see or feel a spirit. I think it has to do with some Third Eye mumbo jumbo that I still haven’t learned. But, as this blog states, I’m still just a student that is logging my experiences. If you know a “Phillip Norwood,” please have him in your prayers tonight.

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