TIPS – Failure

These days, people are so afraid of failure that they never start something. I’ve begun to understand that there will never be the “perfect moment.” Nothing in the world is perfect and if you realize this, then whatever you are working on will come out into the world and be critiqued. This goes for all content creators out there. As long as what you create is still your vision, then I wouldn’t consider it a failure. I don’t give a fuck about statistics. If I make a movie, song, or book and it flops, as long as I stayed true to myself I will consider it a success. Sure I’d love to make a profit and I get angry when people say what I could have done better. Thing is, I have my feet wet. They don’t. I’ve never failed a class in my entire college career. *knocks on wood* But, it’s better to try and fail as opposed to not trying at all. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they too want to write a book. Well then put your money where your mouth is. Do that shit.


So, do I consider my book “I Kinda See Dead People: A Spiritual Memoir” a failure. Of course I do. I spent months writing it and editing it. I texted every single person whose contact information I had. Some of the people who said that they would get it, still haven’t gotten it. I even invested money into Facebook and Instagram advertisements which didn’t translate into sales and the book is literally FREE now. I still can’t exactly get it out to the people to read it! This is the power of marketing. Yes, this book is a failure and so is this blog. But, if I continue with supporting these mediums, I will still have something to show for it. Now I have new knowledge and will apply more time to certain things so that I can learn from this. The book now is just a stepping stone to the bigger picture. I’m ahead of everyone that hasn’t started. It’s only a matter of time. So, I tell each and every one of you to just START! There’s no denying the existence of momentum.

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