Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to everyone that views this blog! I appreciate all of the support. I would like you to send me all your costumes to the following email address: ikindaseedeadpeople@gmail.com I would really love to see how scary or funny everyone dressed. This is almost my favorite holiday. If it weren’t for recieving gifts in Christmas then it damn well would be! I always enjoy dressing up and I nobody on this Earth can deny the eye candy of a girl in a cat costume. Below is who I was for Halloween. That’s right, I was The Bronze Kneecap for The Fairly Odd Parents TV show! I didn’t think the outfit would necessarily come together as well as it did. My dad really pulled through after I ran out of spray paint.

Also, I have an interview about my book. I will be live on Instagram. Check it out. Once again, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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