TIPS – Calling

For all of those who have already read my book, you know that I believe in the Law of Attraction, Destiny, etc. I believe that people have a purpose and I question the future. I feel as if I’m still being pulled in many different directions. I occasionally lose faith because it seems that everyone in college is ultimately pursuing a corporate “job.” This won’t ever make me happy. I’m built for something more creative. Then, this quote enters my mind:

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” -Confucious

I WILL NEVER WORK! I will work for me and I plan on getting further than what people expect. Hell, I wrote this book completely on my own. I’m in talks with all of these people who can lift me into being the next best thing. But, even my friends are the ones who roll their eyes at my dreams. So be it. I dislike college, but it helped me understand what I want to do with my life because I know what I don’t want to do. I despise the corporate world. Everything in life is fake. The only thing that matters is you and if you are genuine in your heart.

Where am I even going with all of this? I don’t even know if being a psychic is a true thing. People create “truth.” Human beings are inherently limited beings. Therefore, no human being can prove anything. Except maybe gravity. That’s definitely a thing! But, maybe, just maybe intent is a thing. If you speak things into existence or believe that you going to be someone, maybe that motivation is what makes you into that which you crave to be. Maybe Rudy was wrong. But, because he said that I will be famous, rich, etc. maybe he spoke those things into existence. He may have just planted the seed and my drive will take me there. Nobody knows!

Everyone has a calling. Mine is just to help others with my ideas. I’m a thinker. I never was a writer, never. That’s just the medium in which I create my content. I have a very strong vision and what I create will almost never be exactly how I picture it in my head. Thoughts are among the only things that give me true happiness. I just want people to read my book. I don’t care about sales. I care about changing people’s thoughts and their lives. Once, you accept your own calling, then everything will fall into place. The world will give you everything that you intend on having. Just make sure to thank me later. 🙂

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