Fan Luv

In my best DJ Khaled voice, “I appreciate you!” Well, I had a good opening run. I gave it my all and most ebook authors can’t even get on the best selling list. I texted every single person in my contact list. The process took hours, but I was shown the most support that I’d ever seen. I will take this accomplishment and continue along this spiritual journey with you all. I’m currently trying to get more publicity and reach with the book. I reached out to the University of Delaware’s Dean of Students as a means to advertise on campus. I figure that it will raise the morale on campus. By then I hope that the ebook will be on iBooks and Nook. I’ve been doing this all by myself and can use your help. Amazon messed up my account so I don’t exactly know when or how I’ll do a print version of the book. If you’ve already read the book, please leave an honest review and tell all of your friends! Soon, I will be done stressing about marketing and can actually meditate, dream, and discuss the spirit world. I’m just too caught up in real world things. I hope you will accept my apology. More news coming soon!

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