TIP – Escaping a Bad Dream

Considering that I had a nightmare last night, I figured I would help give you guys/gals a tip on how I get out of bad dreams. Now I can imagine people saying, “Well why didn’t you leave that nightmare if you can?” Simple, I let it play out because either I wasn’t aware that it was a bad dream or I wanted to see what happened. The dream started out like any other dream so I wasn’t particularly scared of the dream. That thing switched up real quick! But, let me help you become aware of when you are dreaming and figure out a way to get out.


The first sign that you are dreaming, is that the people in your dreams don’t match the appearance of their real life counter parts. If Donald Trump was in my dream and he wasn’t orange with a toupee, then I’d obviously be dreaming! In all honesty, some dreams portray people in completely obnoxious ways. My sister could be a ginger in my dream, but I sometimes go with the dream. Once you establish that the people are different, then look at the environments. Do they not look how they do in reality? Then you’re dreaming. The Leaning Tower of Pisa isn’t straight and Mount Rushmore doesn’t have faces of dogs on it. (Even if you would rather it did) You will be surprised that the spectacle of the dream world can disguise these obvious features. Don’t let the dream suspend your disbelief, especially if it starts to turn into a nightmare.

Image result for nightmare

When you feel the dream is taking a turn for the worst, there are a couple ways to get out. You can choose: die in the dream, go to sleep in the dream or go against the dream’s plot. Everyone knows that when you die in your dreams, you are instantly ejected from the dream world. No matter how scary the dream is, die as fast as possible and you will surely get out! If there is a huge creature about to swallow you, run straight down my man’s throat. The next option is to go back to sleep. The dream world won’t make sleeping an option. The dream world is all about action and if you find a bed, coach, or even a floor, try and close your eyes on it. This sometimes works with going back into the sleep mode that you desire. Lastly, you could go completely against the dream’s plot. I mean that a dream is a story and if you don’t follow the story, maybe the creatures never get to you. If you do the complete opposite of what’s likely, the dream world will become yours. Do the exact opposite of what the dream is telling you to do. You’re friend might be suiting up to fight a horde of zombies and instead you hop in a car and go on your way. Sometimes this tactic works.

Image result for eyes closed tightly

If all else fails, this is surefire to work. Once I decide that I want to leave the dream, I will close my eyes as hard as physically possible. I’ll count to five as I squeeze my eyes tighter and tighter. When I get to five I open my eyes and I’m back to reality! I’ve done this so many times. So, try these tactics out if you’re ever in a pickle.



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