NIGHTMARE – Black Liquid

– The book hasn’t been released just yet. It’ll be here before Friday the 13th!

In other news, I had my first nightmare since creating this blog and I figured that I will tell you all what happened in my dream and then we can analyze it to understand how we can fix the issue at hand. Every dream I believe has a purpose that is masked by something in the form of symbolism. So, let’s see if we can figure out why I had this nightmare in the first place.


In the nightmare, my girlfriend was visiting. We snuck away to try and get some alone time but my parents interrupted us trying to be intimate. My mom came into the bedroom and we covered up as quick as possible. My mom was holding a blue bird toy that she wanted to give as a gift to a family friend. I approved of the gift and my mom left the room. Eventually it became night time. My girlfriend was in the bathroom and I came in to brush my teeth. We talked and did normal things that couples do. On the way to the bedroom door, I noticed that she hadn’t flushed. There was still a stool in the toilet. I decided to flush it down, it wouldn’t go. I flushed harder again. The stool broke into pieces and the bowl became a blood red. I looked at my girlfriend dumbfoundedly, “Is this you?” She replied, “Yeah, maybe it was because of my antibiotics.” I flushed again, hoping that the bowl would clear. The red color turned black. I started hearing whispers from inside of the toilet bowl. Then it started to overflow. My girlfriend started screaming and crying from fright. The black liquid crawled across the floor to me. The liquid voyaged up my leg. I ran for the bathroom door. Behind me, the liquid was spraying out of the toilet and onto the ceiling. I opened the bathroom door to try and escape. I stopped as I stared into a wall of black liquid. I screamed and as I did, the liquid consumed me. I shot up in my bed, ending the nightmare.

Image result for black liquid

So what does this all mean? There are many parts to this dream that could mean other things. My mom interrupting me from being intimate and the blue bird toy, don’t seem to provide me any insight. The shit in the toilet that turns into blood on the other hand is telling. This could be a telling sign that either my health or my girlfriend’s health needs to be changed. I personally have been skimping on the gym, oversleeping, and eating not as healthy as I should. I run away from this and try to avoid it at all costs. But, when I’m stopped by the wall and consumed, this represents that I must make a change or face other fears. This could also be representative of being smothered by love. I’m in love but maybe deep down I feel smothered. Or maybe it’s about my college workload and it’s disguised as my girlfriend. You first need to be made aware of what the nightmare could mean, if you don’t want to have dreams such as these over and over again. Maybe next time, I can beat the black liquid.



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