GHOSTS – Mustache

I haven’t been sleeping well. I mean I don’t expect to, considering the circumstances. My fall break has begun, so now I’m off from school until November 27th. So it’s lit! But, one would think that I would be catching up on sleep. Well, I’m visiting my girlfriend in New York for half of my break. I just can’t get a full night’s sleep though. My cycle is off because I’ve been depriving myself of sleep while studying and now I’m not used to it. Add a completely different location to the mix and you get a Skylar who can’t catch a break! Also, prepare yourselves because the other half of my break I’m going to be sleeping at home (where The Lady will be keeping me up most likely).


Which brings me to my next ghostly encounter. These things are starting to come faster! I titled this post “Mustache” as a joke, but that is all I really knew about the ghost. He didn’t tell me his name, where he was from, or why he attacking me. In my dream, I was in my house instead of the New York apartment for which I fell asleep in. I woke up and there was a man with a mustache and dark hair eyeballing me. I think he had on a red sweater, but everything else I can’t recall. He was all up in my face in no time and yelling. He said that he died in my house and that we weren’t welcomed there! He was so aggressive in shaking me that I woke up frantically. I have no idea who he is/was but I’m not really sure if I want to look into who he was. Maybe I’ll see him again… I hope not.

GHOSTS – Unknown Figure

So last night was interesting and I don’t exactly know how to explain what I saw. I was up later than usual. My roommate texted me that we should pull an all nighter. We used to stay up most nights. I would get ahead of my school work or work on movie script concepts. He came back from the bars at 1 AM. We caught up with each other and played a little bit of Xbox. Then, we decided that sleep was a better option. I fell asleep relatively fast. But, in the middle of the night I awoke. I don’t exactly know why I was awakened. I sat up in bed and looked at the time. It was somewhere around 1:55 AM. I hadn’t been asleep long. Before I laid back down, I looked to the right of my alarm clock. There I saw a figure. The figure was almost human but I couldn’t exactly tell. The figure had similarities with a heavier set woman. There was something covering her face. My heart nearly stopped and I was definitely frightened. I remember that I asked the figure a question, but I don’t remember what the question was. I had an eerie feeling and I have no idea if this figure was a ghost or something more sinister. The figure just stared at me and eventually disappeared as quickly as she had arrived. Somehow, I was able to go back to sleep after this. I guess I just gotta start getting used to seeing weird shit honestly.

Rudy Update

– I’m currently working to have an audio version of my book become available for distribution. I’ve gotten a handful of voice actors interested. Then the question arises, “Skylar, why wouldn’t you narrate your own book?” Well, I’ve decided that these people are professionals and can give me the sound that I desire. Otherwise, I’d have to get into a studio and record the audio myself and edit it. I just figured it would be easiest this way. Also, I decided that I’m not much a fan of my own voice. I think I sound like I have a lisp half of the time and might mumble, etc. Therefore, audio book outsourcing! So, now everyone who says that they haven’t gotten the book because their isn’t an audio version; won’t be able to use that excuses! I’m looking to most likely have the entire book completed before Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed!


The question still lingers. The question that only the universe truly can answer. Is Skylar Hoffman dropping out to become wealthy and famous? Well, my mom texted me in class a couple of days ago. The text message read, “Damn. Just talked to Rudy. Call me as soon as you can.” I obviously had no idea what she meant by all of this, so I called. As soon as I picked up she started spouting off about getting his address to send a signed paperback to him. She told me what Rudy said about my brother’s future. But then she said that as soon as she inquired about me, Rudy started seeing things. He said, “Skylar’s gonna be huge! It’s coming. He’s been blessed.” My mom then asked, “About what? Music? Movies?” Rudy responded, “Art. Just art. Everything. He thinks completely differently.” I didn’t know what to say after hearing their conversation. I just can’t imagine what kind of opportunity will fall into my lap. But, if something crazy happens, then I will have proven that destiny exists. So, stay tuned!

INTERVIEWS – The Review Rundown

This is the review that I did on Halloween. For everyone that didn’t see my live stream on Instagram. I hope you enjoy it. I will write another blog post today or tomorrow; time permitting. I’m at 33:00 until the end of the podcast. Enjoy!

GHOSTS – Phillip Norwood

— I have been studying countless hours for school exams and whatnot. I’m also working on getting flyers put up around school. This has consumed my free time and I had to resort to consuming mass amounts of caffeine. Which apparently weakens my spirituality. All substances seem to mess with my equilibrium. I recently went cold turkey but had withdraw symptoms all day yesterday. I had the worst migraine that I’d had in a very long time.

But, I had been meditating the past couple of days. I experienced the craziest natural high that I’d had in a while. I felt so driven and so able bodied. Yesterday when I went to bed, I didn’t expect a visit from someone in the spirit world. I guess I should realize that you never ask for any of this! In my dream I was just in my dorm room with my brother. I can’t remember exactly what we had been talking about. The spirit in question appeared out of nowhere. I just remember talking with my brother, blinking my eyes, and then following shattered glass to a man laying on the floor. I remember screaming for help and then putting my arms under his head and asking a number of questions. He only answered me when I asked his name, “Phillip Norwood.” I’m using phonetics, so I have no idea if that is how the ghost spelled his name. But, he had short blondish hair, blue eyes, and wore a flannel with jeans. I don’t know why but after he told me these details, I woke up in real time. I no longer had a headache and it was somewhere around 2AM. I took to my phone and saved everything that I remembered onto my cellphone notes.


If I stayed inside the dream longer I could have asked many other questions like: “How did you die?” “Where are you from?” “Why are you here?” Sometimes I believe that the information that I receive is almost all the I need. People will say, “How do you know he was a ghost and not just a dream?” Well to those people I’d elaborate. I knew that he was a person from the real world, because when I woke up, there’s this time freeze phenomena. Like my soul is returning back to my body as well. I can’t really explain it but my ears ring and my sight is foggy and my head feels warm. Then after a couple of seconds I come back to reality. I experience this every time that I see or feel a spirit. I think it has to do with some Third Eye mumbo jumbo that I still haven’t learned. But, as this blog states, I’m still just a student that is logging my experiences. If you know a “Phillip Norwood,” please have him in your prayers tonight.

TIPS – Failure

These days, people are so afraid of failure that they never start something. I’ve begun to understand that there will never be the “perfect moment.” Nothing in the world is perfect and if you realize this, then whatever you are working on will come out into the world and be critiqued. This goes for all content creators out there. As long as what you create is still your vision, then I wouldn’t consider it a failure. I don’t give a fuck about statistics. If I make a movie, song, or book and it flops, as long as I stayed true to myself I will consider it a success. Sure I’d love to make a profit and I get angry when people say what I could have done better. Thing is, I have my feet wet. They don’t. I’ve never failed a class in my entire college career. *knocks on wood* But, it’s better to try and fail as opposed to not trying at all. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they too want to write a book. Well then put your money where your mouth is. Do that shit.


So, do I consider my book “I Kinda See Dead People: A Spiritual Memoir” a failure. Of course I do. I spent months writing it and editing it. I texted every single person whose contact information I had. Some of the people who said that they would get it, still haven’t gotten it. I even invested money into Facebook and Instagram advertisements which didn’t translate into sales and the book is literally FREE now. I still can’t exactly get it out to the people to read it! This is the power of marketing. Yes, this book is a failure and so is this blog. But, if I continue with supporting these mediums, I will still have something to show for it. Now I have new knowledge and will apply more time to certain things so that I can learn from this. The book now is just a stepping stone to the bigger picture. I’m ahead of everyone that hasn’t started. It’s only a matter of time. So, I tell each and every one of you to just START! There’s no denying the existence of momentum.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to everyone that views this blog! I appreciate all of the support. I would like you to send me all your costumes to the following email address: I would really love to see how scary or funny everyone dressed. This is almost my favorite holiday. If it weren’t for recieving gifts in Christmas then it damn well would be! I always enjoy dressing up and I nobody on this Earth can deny the eye candy of a girl in a cat costume. Below is who I was for Halloween. That’s right, I was The Bronze Kneecap for The Fairly Odd Parents TV show! I didn’t think the outfit would necessarily come together as well as it did. My dad really pulled through after I ran out of spray paint.

Also, I have an interview about my book. I will be live on Instagram. Check it out. Once again, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!